Pre-Qualifying Credit Report:
An automated one, two or three bureaus merged credit report from internet 24/7.

Residential Mortgage Credit Report (RMCR) aka Standard Factual Report:
A tri-merged credit report with employment verification and independently verified for updated information. Unlimited supplement report can be requested for any particular information upon request.

Non Traditional Credit Report:
Should your borrower have limited credit or no credit, FMCS can add a Non-Traditional Credit Report, e.g. utility bills and other non-subscriber creditor on RMCR.

Business Credit Report:
FMCS can provide you vital information about new or old business that reveals credit worthiness and ratings of the business.

If you have outdated or incorrect information on a credit report, FMCS can help you Rescore your borrower. Call for details.

Fraud Detection:
A valuable service added to our RMCR report for our clients.

A valuable added service on RMCR that complies with the Office of Foreign Asset Control. Available upon request.

Hawk Alert:
Available upon request.

Supplement Report:
FMCS will issue a supplement report for lender’s condition, addition, correction, update on tradeline, public record, employment record, address or landlord inquiry, etc.